FFS Friday: Hilarious Hazel


As with all new blogs, we needed to come up with a bit of a structure on how we want to express ourselves and engage with you as readers. We decided that one of the GREAT things about parenting is how much humour and perspective can be found in watching your kids be… well, kids.

Sometimes they do really beautiful stuff. We dress them in beautiful clothes and they look beautiful and it’s a beautiful day and we’re feeling all beautiful so we take a bunch of beautiful photos and put them on Facebook/Instagram/Whatever and that becomes what people assume our life looks like ALL THE TIME. But one of the things that I personally love about being a parent are the FFS moments. Granted, I probably only love them in retrospect, but I tend to reach retrospect fairly quickly; certainly quickly enough to grab my iPhone and capture the ridiculousness that faces me.

A far cry from the overly-styled vision of parenting that bloggers and magazines like to make of childhood, these are the times when the shizzle gets realz or your kids just do really weird stuff. Like tipping their soup into a baking dish and putting Elmo in for a bath. It’s reached a point where I post less photos of Hazel looking beautiful and more photos of Hazel being ridiculous that most people assume that’s actually what my life looks like ALL THE TIME. I tell ya, it’s much closer to the truth than the beautiful bit.

In the coming weeks, we’ll dedicate an Instagram hashtag to the same thing and we’d love you to join in with your own FFS moments. For now, we’re just working it out but stay tuned.

A little note: these posts will usually feature FFS moments from both of us, but as Caroline is currently 10,000 months pregnant with her firstborn (and I am 9,500 months pregnant with my second), she obviously can’t include her own kid in this little activity YET. But Hazel is no stranger to being used as schtick fodder and I’m sure she can do it for a little while longer.

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